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Future of DevOps

The Challenge

Private SaaS deployment is key as SaaS providers scale. But this move is complex—it brings higher costs and more to manage, especially with frequent updates and the added weight of security and compliance.

New Tenant Deployment

Onboarding new tenants efficiently requires automated provisioning of scalable environments across clouds, with optimized resource allocation and rapid setup.

Shipping Changes (CI/CD)

CI/CD in SaaS demands robust pipeline management and application versions for smooth deployments with minimal downtime and consistency across environments.

Data Isolation & Security

Across multi-cloud, ensuring ironclad data isolation, robust security, compliance, breach prevention, and seamless access for all tenants is key.

Central Observability

Gaining a holistic view of system health, performance, and user activity requires aggregating logs, metrics, and traces for proactive troubleshooting and user experience monitoring.

Infrastructure Management

Scaling deployments requires managing and automating infrastructure & configurations for optimized resource allocation, cost control, and scalability.

Customization and Integration

Balancing client customizations and integrations with core platform stability, performance, and security for all users is a challenge.

Streamline Your SaaS Delivery with Atmosly

Simplifying Deployment Complexity

Atmosly streamlines cloud infrastructure management and application delivery, making private and hybrid deployments lightning-fast. Our platform enables unified management for both multi-tenant and dedicated environments. Deploy your SaaS in minutes across any cloud service, delivering unmatched consistency and control without modifying your application's architecture.

Shared Resources & Optimized Deployment

Reduce costs with our multi-tenant architecture. Leverage shared resources across clients for base functionality, while optimized deployments ensure efficient resource allocation for each individual SAAS instance.

Automated On-Demand Scaling

Utilizes managed services to automatically scale infrastructure in response to demand, ensuring performance without manual oversight.

Integrated DevSecOps

Incorporates security best practices into the CI/CD pipeline, thus addressing security and compliance challenges early in the deployment process.

Dynamic Environments

Provision and de-provision cloud environments with few clicks. Platform allows you to deploy"clone-like" environments on the fly, catering to specific needs or testing purposes.

Deploy Across Different Cloud

  • Centralized dashboard for Deploying across AWS, GCP & Azure
  • Manage multi-tenant or dedicated environments
  • Visibility Across all Deployments from Cost & Security Perspective
Atmosly offers a centralized platform for seamless SaaS management across different environments and clouds.
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Custom Release Pipeline Workflow

  • Control Pipelines Release for each customer
  • Integrate Custom Security within the Pipeline for eachCustomer
  • Ship Different Application Version to different Customer
A versatile SaaS solution that works across major cloud providers, ensuring flexibility for customer-specific cloud strategies.
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Customize Solution for Each Tenant

  • Deploy dedicated or shared Monitoring & Logging for each customer
  • Deploy Custom & open source Helm charts from marketplace
  • Provide access to your customer with control RBAC
Atmosly enables customized and controlled update processes, aligning with the unique needs of each customer.
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Our Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SaaS delivery challenging?

Rapid market evolution, security concerns, and the need for scalable infrastructure make SaaS delivery challenging.

How does Atmosly enhance the deployment of SaaS applications?

Atmosly enhances deployment with automated processes, ensuring quick and reliable updates.

Can Atmosly help with scaling SaaS applications?

Yes, Atmosly provides scalable solutions to effectively manage growing user bases.

What security measures does Atmosly offer for SaaS?

Atmosly offers comprehensive security features, including data protection and compliance adherence.

How does continuous monitoring in Atmosly improve SaaS delivery?

Continuous monitoring allows for real-time insights and optimization, enhancing application performance and user experience.

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