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Platform Engineering

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In modern platform engineering, Atmosly combines automation and Kubernetes for efficient infrastructure and app delivery. We simplify the complexities, letting you innovate while we handle deployment. Experience transformative DevOps with us.

Atmosly platform

Problems we are solving

Streamline Application Deployment
Effortlessly deploy apps across different environments.
Manage dependencies effectively.
Handle configuration management.
Ensure zero-downtime deployments.
Reduced Cost & hardened Security
Efficiently manage resources.
Automate start-stop environments to significantly reduce costs.
Integrate security across SDLC for early issue resolution.
Obtain a holistic view of cloud costs and security for an informed decision.
Multi-Cloud Support
Enable multi-cloud adoption from one platform.
Reduce unplanned downtime and outages.
Ensure business continuity by avoiding vendor lock-in.
Advanced security and regulatory compliance.
Integration of Industry-Leading Tools
Marketplace for deploying top industry tools.
A space to test and evaluate a variety of tools, with ease!
Integrate the tools you like.
Enable data-driven observability, security and automation with the range of tools available for your pipelines!

How does it work?

Integrate Cloud & Version Control
Integrate Cloud & Version Control

Atmosly's key strength lies in its seamless integration of various cloud services, source control, and other essential components. By fusing these vital elements, Atmosly provides a straightforward solution by integrating different version control systems like Github, Gitlab, etc to deploy code into diverse environments across various clouds, such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. 

This robust integration dramatically simplifies the application deployment, ensuring compatibility and efficiency. Atmosly acts as a bridge between your development and cloud management, reducing complexities and accelerating application delivery. Additionally, Atmosly supports integrations like  DNS management with Cloudflare & Route 53 and Docker Registries like Dockerhub, ECR, etc,to further enhance your deployment capabilities. 

Multi-Cloud Cluster Creation
Multi-Cloud Cluster Creation

Atmosly is designed to empower your Development & operations teams by offering them the flexibility and efficiency needed to utilize various cloud services and build environments while following best practices. 

It acts as a centralized resource management hub, bridging the gap to use multiple cloud providers' managed services such as EKS, GKE, and AKS to deploy production-ready clusters, ensuring the challenges of vendor lock-in and providing the flexibility to pick the best-suited cloud provider for their business needs  With features aimed at better resource allocation, enhancing scalability, and best security, Atmosly enables you to maintain business continuity and operational efficiency, regardless of your cloud service choices.

Auto-Environment Provisioning
Auto-Environment Provisioning

Provisioning a new Environment for the Development or QA team has always been challenging for the Ops team. Automation tools like Terraform, and Cloudformation have solved it to a certain extent, but using them to deploy new environments is still a challenge for the Dev & QA teams. Atmosly solves with a few clicks only.

Atmosly's cutting-edge automation capabilities pave the way for an error-free, streamlined environment provisioning process. By automating the setup of your various environments across different cloud providers, such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, Atmosly takes away the intricacies of networking, configuration management, and more. This not only eliminates the potential for costly mistakes and delays, but also ensures a consistent and dependable deployment of applications. The result is a seamless experience across various environments, making Atmosly an invaluable asset in your platform engineering toolkit.

Continuous Release Management
Continuous Release Management

Quick Application Release is the backbone of any digital business as it determines the speed at which a business can deliver a better experience to its customers. Atmosly delivers an all-in-one platform for quick & efficient release management, with security at the forefront. It automates the entire release process, encompassing planning, deployment, and post-release monitoring. 

By integrating security into the release pipeline, Atmosly ensures that vulnerabilities are identified and remediated early in the development cycle, resulting in a significantly improved level of reliability and predictability. With Atmosly, you can achieve a seamless and secure release process for your applications.

Security Management
Security and Observability Management

Built with a security-first approach, Atmosly offers comprehensive coverage across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from cloud resource management to pipelines and application workloads. The platform is engineered to identify vulnerabilities at the earliest stages, enabling prompt remediation and fortifying the security posture of your applications. But Atmosly doesn't stop at security; it elevates your operational intelligence by seamlessly integrating observability tools like Prometheus, Grafana, ELS stack, and paid tools like Datadog and New Relic.

This data-driven approach provides unparalleled transparency and insights into your software applications. With its robust security features and deep observability capabilities, Atmosly equips you to proactively address challenges, ensuring that your applications not only remain secure but also operate at peak performance.

Features Highlights:

Revolutionize Your DevOps Journey with Atmosly.

Robust Kubernetes Cluster

Empower your applications with production-ready Kubernetes clusters that ensure scalability and flexibility.

Integrated DevSecOps CI/CD

A unified CI/CD pipeline with built-in DevSecOps practices, enhancing your workflow's efficiency and security.

Fully Observabilty

Experience observability with metrics, logs, traces, and alerts, allowing you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your applications.

Microservice Deployment

Simplify  the deployment of complex microservices, SaaS, thereby improving your agility and accelerating your application delivery.

Unified Security

We centralize your security protocols, providing robust protection and compliance to safeguard your workloads and cloud.

App Marketplace

A marketplace for deploying applications, ensuring a rich ecosystem of tools and solutions at your fingertips.

Client Success Stories

Atmosly has revolutionized the way we approach DevOps. Our software delivery has never been smoother, and collaboration across teams has reached new heights.

Suraj Mehta, Founder & CEO, Socially

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